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RJ45/BNC Network and Coaxial Cable Tester


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RJ45/BNC Network and Coaxial Cable Tester (1*9V)
- Separable transmitter and receiver to test installed cabling or patch cables
- Standard cable wiring diagrams are printed on the transmitter unit
- Transmitter and receiver snap together for transport or patch cable testing
- Extremely easy to use and understand
- Transmitter and receiver each have one RJ-45 jack and one BNC jack
- Automatic efficient scan for the miss wiring, disorder cable, open and short circuit
- 9 LEDs to indicate which wire whether open or not on both remote and master unit
- Protective power switch for low power consumption
- High quality soft leather case provides more secure protection
- Powered by DC 9V reduplicated battery (not included)
- Condition (New)

- Sku # 44432

- Weight: 6.3 oz
- Dimensions: 4.02 in x 3.86 in x 0.91 in

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